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We are FG Radio Control dealers


We are not just the experts in vehicle air conditioning, we are also main dealers for the FG range of radio controlled cars, trucks and spare parts too!


Choose your own favourite among the three different types of Remote Control Truck models available from AVACS.

  • A Monster Truck with the massive wheels.

  • A Stadium Truck with profiled tires for almost every surface

  • A Street Truck ideal for driving on parking sites.

The 26cc Zenoah engine guarantees sufficient power for the most demanding courses.

All RTR Truck models are equipped with a rotary knob radio control system. The polycarbonate bodyshell is coloured and the decals are applied (except for RTR version with transparent body). The RTR models are all mounted ready to run.

The Monster Truck with the massive wheels is available in three different RTR versions. On the one hand with coloured and decaled bodyshell either in white or yellow, a further decal set with writings a.s.o. for additional decoration is enclosed. Another RTR version can be ordered with transparent bodyshell for your own painting, here the decals are just enclosed, not applied. The fourth version is delivered without radio control system with transparent bodyshell for your own design.

The Stadium Truck only differs in the slightly smaller profile tire equipment and the modified gear transmission ratio to the Monster Truck. We deliver the Stadium Truck also in three RTR versions with either white, yellow or transparent bodyshell including the rear spoiler. The fourth version can be ordered without radio control system with transparent bodyshell for your own design.

The Street Truck has a modified front axle and different chassis adjustments. This model is delivered with the Slick tire equipment of the FG Race Trucks. The three RTR versions content the radio control system a polycarbonate bodyshell either in white, yellow or transparent colour and the spoiler. The decals of the white and yellow bodyshells are already applied, a further decal set is enclosed for addional decoration. The fourth version we deliver without radio control system with transparent bodyshell for your own design.

Technical description of the 1:6 Truck models:
All chassis parts are mounted on a 4mm angled alloy plate. All borings on the lower side are countersunk in order to prevent the screw heads from sticking out. At the front axle you have the possibility to adjust toe-in or toe-out through track rods with right-/left-handed thread, at the rear axle you can modify king pin angle and toe-in through adjusting screws. 8 oil-pressure shock absorbers are mounted at the lower double wishbones of front and rear axle which can absorb also heavier bumps to a great extent and ensure an optimal road grip. All rotating parts are supported by ball bearings. Rear gearwheels, differential gears and all driving components are case-hardened. The alloy side plates protect the rc system as well as the tank. Monster and Stadium Truck are delivered with chrome-plated rims, the Street version has rims in silver colour.

The models are equipped with a powerful 26ccm combustion engine which runs with normal 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture (available at every petrol station). The tank filling of 0,7 litres enables you to run your model around 45 minutes. With the installed pull-start system the engine can be started without any difficulties.



Order from us with confidence as all of our remote Control kits and parts are genuine FG products









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