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Vehicle Air Conditioning - R1234YF Refrigerant Gas




The introduction of HFO-1234yf (also known as R1234yf) is a very significant development in automotive air conditioning. The new gas has been introduced due to EU legislation passed that will mean a reduction in the global warming potential (GWP) of air conditioning systems in the automotive sector.

We are fully skilled and equipped to work on any vehicle that has an R1234yf Air Conditioning system fitted, including Hybrid vehicles.

We always have R1234yf in stock as well as all the relevant R1234yf specific oils, dyes etc. Our R1234yf car air conditioning services are predominantly called upon by private owner customers, however we have seen significant growth in demand for R1234yf vehicle air conditioning diagnostics, repairs and servicing from main dealers, warranty companies and the body repair trade.

Due to the current high cost of R1234yf, and the various fill amounts of the different makes and models, each job using R1234yf gas will be quoted for on and individual basis, rather than a set flat fee.

We will also insist on doing a nitrogen leak check prior to re-gassing. This is to ensure the system is gas tight to avoid any potentially costly loss of refrigerant.

If you need any assistance in respect to a car with R1234yf air conditioning, or need a quote to repair a vehicle, please feel free to contact us.







If you have a problem with your Air Conditioning that you would like us to diagnose and repair, remember that we have loan cars that we can offer you*.


Although we are adjacent to Alton Railway Station with good rail & bus links, some of our customers prefer a loan car and so we have them available.


If you would like a loan car, please mention this when you book your car in for us to work on and we will arrange this for you*.


*Age restrictions, terms and driving licence eligibility apply, please ask about these if you are unsure.


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