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At AVACS we are often asked if having the air conditioning switched on in a car effects the fuel economy.

The answer is in most modern cars this is a myth as the air conditioning system has been designed efficiently and therefore will not increase your MPG.


That is all well and good, but perhaps you may still have some reservations if this is the case with your car or not.

Well if you are a diesel car / vehicle driver there is at last some good news that will improve your fuel economy and power.


AVACS are main distributors and installers of the DPT tuning box. A device that is easily fitted to a diesel engine vehicle that will improve your MPG and increase your BHP at the same time!

Unlock the true potential of your diesel engine with the Diesel Power Tuning module and see the benefits of most importantly better Fuel Economy, more power, and a greater improvement to a smoother diesel engine performance.


DPT usage in modern Diesel Engine Vehicles

DPT is the abbreviation of Diesel Power Tuning, but don't be under the misapprehension that it is for the 'boy racer' market, because it is not!


DPT is an insurance and warranty company approved tuning device that will dramatically improve your fuel economy (MPG) and improve your engine power and torque when its needed.


The DPT tuning box module has been engineered and is manufactured in Europe. They can be programmed to be used on most modern diesel engine vehicles. DPT will give you more power when you need it most, better acceleration if required and above all with today's fuel prices, much better fuel economy.

As a DPT installer we can advise how to achieve the most for your motoring requirements.




Saving a guaranteed minimum of 8% on fuel means that you will be reducing your carbon footprint!

Think about it, if you are using less fuel going about your daily business, you therefore are reducing your carbon footprint so its a win, win all round whichever way you look at it.

Whether you own a Taxi, 4x4, light commercial vehicle, pull heavy loads, tow trailers and caravans, cover high annual mileage or simply seek the increase in Fuel Economy or Power, there is a DPT product that will help you save time and money. The DPT product is suitable for all users of Diesel engine vehicles.

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If you are still not convinced, read what our genuine customers have said about our DPT by scrolling down the feedback page here


The advantages of DPT are:

  • Improved by a minimum 8% MPG guaranteed or your money back

  • Improved drivability

  • Increases BHP

  • Increases Pulling Power (Torque)

  • Eliminates or greatly reduces dead spots

  • Reduces your vehicles carbon footprint as you use less fuel

You will not be disappointed with the performance of the DPT product.

DPT is fully guaranteed and will be installed by one of AVACS trained professional installers.



If after you have a DPT fitted at AVACS and you don't agree that you are saving the very minimum of 8% MPG or any of the other claims we make about DPT, bring it back and we will remove the device and give you a full no quibble refund.


Call us now on 01420 80808 to discuss how fitting a DPT to your diesel vehicle will help your personal motoring requirements.

We are so confident that we can improve your motoring experience that we offer a 7 day 100% full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Still need convincing? Click here to read the genuine feedback about DPT from our customers


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