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Case Study Image Quentin Willson's opinion of DPT


The subject of DPT recently had some television coverage of which was hosted by Quentin Willson on a program appropriately called 'Priced Off Our Roads'

Quentin Willson tested the DPT on his own Range Rover, a vehicle not renown for the highest of fuel economy so lets hear what had to say about DPT and the results that it delivered.


Case Study Image

Volume Buyer - Fleet User



 "If you operate a number of vehicles, which may be anything from a few company cars through to a large mix of cars and light commercial vehicles make contact with us. We will happily discuss the profile of your fleet and what you are looking to achieve.

Our experience to date has been that most fleet managers are simply trying to reduce their fuel overhead, although some have used DPT to provide additional power for load handling.
With savings of up to 16% possible an investment in DPT units will prove to be a very low cost means of reducing this overhead.

DPT units may simply be removed, reprogrammed (if necessary) and transferred to subsequent vehicles as fleet vehicles are replaced. Our national network of installers means that if your vehicles are spread throughout the UK , this does not prevent you from benefiting. DPT may be installed at separate locations convenient for your business and fleet drivers.

We anticipate that very soon most diesel vehicles will be fitted with DPT type units to help reduce overhead, reduce carbon emissions and benefit more from the power their fleet is capable of providing.

If you are a fleet manager, please contact us today and we can arrange a free trial for you to see the benefits of DPT for yourself




If after you have a DPT fitted at AVACS and you don't agree that you are saving the very minimum of 8% MPG or any of the other claims we make about DPT, bring it back and we will remove the device and give you a full no quibble refund.


Call us now on 01420 80808 to discuss how fitting a DPT to your diesel vehicle will help your personal motoring requirements.

We are so confident that we can improve your motoring experience that we offer a 7 day 100% full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Still need convincing? Click here to read the genuine feedback about DPT from our customers


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