AVACS is a company that is all about having the knowledge and expertise to repair and service our customers vehicles.

AVACS has been trading as a specialist vehicle air conditioning company for 20+ years. A company that has been built upon knowledge and reputation, we have been recommended numerous times over the years as the go-to experts in all things to do with vehicle air-conditioning or heating faults.

broken car air conditioning

So if you are having problems with your car Air Conditioning not working, leaking, making strange noises or a horrible odour, call the specialists now

01420 80808
Vehicle aircon unit

The introduction of HFO-1234yf is a very significant development in automotive air conditioning and one that AVACS have taken very seriously.

AVACS were one of the first to have invested in the technology and equipment to support and service cars and vehicles fitted with R1234YF refrigerant gas.

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