AVACS is a company that is all about having the knowledge and expertise to repair and service our customers vehicles.

AVACS has been trading as a specialist vehicle air conditioning company for 20+ years. A company that has been built upon knowledge and reputation, we have been recommended numerous times over the years as the go-to experts in all things to do with vehicle air-conditioning or heating faults.

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So if you are having problems with your car Air Conditioning not working, leaking, making strange noises or a horrible odour, call the specialists now

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The introduction of HFO-1234yf is a very significant development in automotive air conditioning and one that AVACS have taken very seriously.

AVACS were one of the first to have invested in the technology and equipment to support and service cars and vehicles fitted with R1234YF refrigerant gas.

Your Vehicle Air Conditioning and the Environment

At AVACS we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, so we should too!
After all, we are in the business of servicing and repairing refrigerant systems for our customers cars on a daily basis.

The damage caused by a faulty, leaking or in-correctly repaired air conditioning system does not only impact on the comfort and wallet of the car owner, it will also impacts on the environment.

In many cases (especially older cars) leaking refrigerant from a poorly maintained air conditioning system releases the CFC gasses that seriously damage the environment and ozone layer.

Because of the increasing environmental concerns of vehicle air conditioning, the only refrigerant gas that is legally permitted for use in air conditioning systems is the CFC free R143a, all other refrigerants have been banned, and rightly so too!

So, did the world became greener and safer with the introduction of R134a as a refrigerant for car climate control systems? Yes, in most cases it did.

Loan Cars

If you would like an air conditioning service or have a problem with your vehicle climate control that you would like us to diagnose and repair, remember that we have loan cars that we can offer you*.

Although we are adjacent to Alton Railway Station with good rail & bus links, some of our customers prefer a loan car and so we have them available.

If you would like a loan car, please mention this when you book your car in for us to work on and we will arrange this for you*.

*Age restrictions, terms and driving licence eligibility apply, please ask about these if you are unsure.

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