Advice and FAQ’s for your vehicles Air Conditioning and Climate Control


Q: Why should I choose AVACS to service or repair my car air conditioning or climate control?
A: AVACS are specialists in repairing all brands of vehicle air conditioning and climate control systems and because we specialise we will quickly diagnose and repair the fault if it has one.

We don’t guess and we don’t fit parts as a process of elimination. We test and investigate car air conditioning problems properly and only fit the parts that are required, therefore saving you money.

Q: Can AVACS diagnose my car air conditioning fault over the phone?
A: Accurately no we cannot, it is always best that we see the car and we can then tell you exactly where the problem is and give you a no obligation quotation to repair it.

Q: How often should I have my Air Conditioning Serviced?
A: At least every two years. Vehicles loose about 15% of their refrigerant per year. Refrigerant level checks form part of the Avacs Ltd service this will affect the system performance and will lead to expensive repair bills

Q: Why should the a/c system be used even during the winter months?
A: Using the a/c system during winter months will prevent the windows from misting inside the vehicle as the air is dehumidified, and regular use will help prevent oil seals drying out this will help in preventing refrigerant loss or component failure.

Q: Are there different types of refrigerant?
A: Yes, R12 was used up to October 2005 but its use is now banned, later produced vehicles use R134A. Refrigerants must never be mixed or cross-contaminated R134A is the only gas approved by all compressor and vehicle manufactures

Q: My car A/C is filled with the old type R12 Refrigerant can this be changed to use the new R134a Refrigerant?
A: There are a number of ways of converting a system to accept the new type refrigerant, without going to the expense of replacing major components. This is known as retrofitting

Q: What is the evaporator?
A:  This is usually situated behind the dashboard with a blower, which draws the warm air from the vehicle over the cooled evaporator and back to the vehicle interior.

Q: I have been told my car has a very small leak possibly in the evaporator, is there an option to replacement?
A: Unfortunately there is no quick fix, some companies use sealant to try cure this fault. The problem with sealants they can cause other serious problems!

Q: What does the compressor do?
A: This is the heart of the air conditioning system and pumps refrigerant around the various components.

Q: Why does the compressor seize?
A: Primarily failure is caused through lack of lubrication, it is important to ensure that the refrigerant levels are kept topped up and that the compressor is used regularly throughout the year.

Q: Why flush the system if the compressor has seized?
A: When the compressor has seized metal particles/filings can be deposited in the system, these must be flushed out before fitting a new compressor and the filter dryer and block/expansion valve should also be replaced.

Q: What does the filter/dryer do?
A: The filter/dryer is filled with desiccant; this absorbs harmful moisture and acids from the a/c system and acts as a filter similarly to an oil filter on a car engine.

Q: Why change the filter/dryer?
A: After approximately 2 years the filter/dryer becomes saturated with moisture and the a/c system becomes less efficient and the cooling effect inside the vehicle decreases.


Hopefully these FAQ’s will have helped you in some way.

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