AVACS service and repair all refrigerant gas types
including R744 and R1234YF

AVACS offer multiple car air-conditioning refrigerant gas types including those on this page:

R744 automotive air conditioning label

R744 as an automotive air conditioning refrigerant has finally arrived…

…and AVACS are ready

As one of the market leaders in servicing and repairing vehicle air conditioning systems, of course AVACS have invested in the technology. We can service, maintain and repair vehicles with R744 which is also known as CO2 air conditioning and climate control systems.

AVACS, as true car air conditioning and climate control specialists have invested in the new R744 (also known as CO2) automotive air conditioning market, and we have product knowledge.

It started with Mercedes Benz. First the S Class followed by the E Class models being fitted with this new type of R744 air conditioning.

Since then, Audi have installed it in some of their models and other brands are also following suit.

So cars with the new type of R744 refrigerant (CO2) have arrived onto the market over the past few years, and we are now seeing them within our repair centre.

Many are still wary of working on these new systems. The operating pressure of these systems is now around 70 Bar, and that can be off putting to the inexperienced and untrained.

But like everything at AVACS, it’s all about having a good working practice. Something we have always had and pride our business upon.

So in this ever changing world, you can rely upon AVACS to stay up to date and be equipped and ready for the new challenge.

If you own a vehicle that has R744 air conditioning (CO2) and it has failed or needs repairing or servicing, call AVACS to get it booked in for a diagnostic check and get it fixed.