Hybrid Car Air Conditioning Repairs

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Hybrid Car Air Conditioning Repair Specialists

Our car air conditioning engineers are experienced in the repair and servicing of all brands of Hybrid car air conditioning and climate control systems.

AVACS are the leading self charging and plugin hybrid car air conditioning repairs specialists for Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, and Dorset.

All electric and hybrid car air conditioning and climate control systems are powered differently to that of vehicles with traditional petrol or diesel combustion engines.

Electric and hybrid vehicle air conditioning systems are powered from the high voltage electrical battery. Many car repairers lack the knowledge, experience or even confidence to service or repair electric or hybrid vehicles.

We at Avacs however do have the experience, and an abundance of knowledge to work on all electric and hybrid vehicles.

As specialists, we have a full understanding of hybrid car air conditioning systems.

If you have a problem with your self charging or plugin hybrid vehicle air conditioning, AC, climate control, or heating system, contact us to arrange for a full performance test and system diagnosis.

From these results we can deduce the scale of problem, it maybe just a small leak or perhaps a little more severe. 

We will recharge the system to give optimum performance, perhaps dying the gasses to easily detect any future leaks. 

However if the system is beyond repair, we will always advise you before carrying out any further work.

Once you have given consent for us to proceed, we will make all the necessary air conditioning repair and your hybrid car will be returned back to you, fixed and tested for full peace of mind.

Hybrid car air conditioning repairs completed by experienced and professional specialists