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Your vehicle needs an air conditioning service to keep it functioning efficiently and correctly. As your system ages, you may notice the freshness deteriorating. Whenever your air conditioning is operating, moisture in the air condenses on the system’s cold surfaces. Whilst most of the moisture drains harmlessly away.
Avacs Ltd servicing facility means that systems can be maintained and checked. Problems and faults can be diagnosed and treated before they become too serious.
Our experience, knowledge and capability can ensure that your car air conditioning system is efficient and safe, avoiding future problems and excessive costs.

Should you need to get a vehicle air conditioning service, please click the button to contact us today and arrange a convenient appointment.
By spending a small amount on an annual or bi-annual servicing you are limiting the risk of having to find a major fault, so avoiding service repair costs can end up being a false economy.
Gas leaks naturally from all systems at 10 – 15% per annum. If left untreated, fuel economy is affected.
The compressor (which uses fuel) has to work harder. This costs you money. In addition, the lower the gas level, the greater the likelihood of component failure. Is your Air Conditioning or Climate Control failing to provide its original freshness?

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